Mojo Working

Given the fast pace of business today and the demands on finite resources, I also offer a consultancy service to help you during times of need and to land important projects. An extra pair of experienced hands and a fresh pair of eyes. This offer covers: new business support, pitch management and content marketing consultancy.


Business Development Strategy

Build your new business pipeline of prospects, not just suspects.


Pitch Management

Helping agencies and clients

to run succesful pitch projects.

Content Strategy

Proposition development, product creation and development, monetisation, product marketing and roll out


Agency Marketing Strategy

Stand out in a crowded and over-supplied market


Richard grasps a subject quickly, and reads a room and situation very adeptly. He's a master of tweaking a message or presentation to see the needs and dynamics of the the recipients. Richard readily immerses himself in his work, is a terrific collaborator and consistently delivers to an exceptional standard.

Martin Lawson - Global data science practice leader

Why work with me

It can be hard to ask for help, but more and more organisations now understand that using a skilled and experienced consultant is a strength and can add an already high-performing team.

I bring help and counsel in areas where I have deep expertise, derived from years at the coal-face doing the job to a senior level. I can quickly join a project team - either physically or remotely - in order to support a specific project or to offer guidance to a new and developing team.

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mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.