My Mojo

As a qualified executive coach, I help my clients to both clarify and achieve their goals and ambitions. My philosophy is to ensure we are tapping into our own natural self-resourcefulness, as decisions we take for ourselves are far more likely to see action. I specialise in confidence building using positive psychology techniques to help overcome limiting beliefs and blockages in order to boost performance.

I have a bias towards the positive.

I'm a strengths-finder.


Executive Coaching

Think out loud.

For business leaders to develop the clarity needed to make key decisions or plan the path forward.


Business Coaching

Support to take your big idea and make it a reality. An experienced ally to move from a start-up to the scaled business you want.

Career Coaching

An objective sounding board for key career decisions.


Change & Transition Coaching

Develop tools and techniques to turn uncertainty into opportunity.


My Coaching Approach

I decided to train as an executive coach after seeing first-hand the profound benefits of having a coaching relationship can offer. Being coached allowed me to be more self-aware and to make some big decisions - at work and at home. 

Coaching is a 1-2-1 conversation with purpose and two critical components: confidentiality and non-judgement. So, coaching is really unlike most conversations with friends and colleagues in that respect, plus it’s totally focused on you and what you want to achieve. You’ll chose what you want to talk about and I’ll nudge your thinking through questions. I don't advise or direct – but I help you unearth your goals and answers. In coaching you’re articulating thoughts in speech, this way something different happens versus having thoughts going around inside your head. As we probe for more, in hearing yourself out loud, things shift and ‘lightbulb’ moments happen.

You are responsible for the outcomes of the session. It’s your time. You chose the subject area and I facilitate the conversation and help you explore your own thoughts and ideas. In coaching, we are tapping into people’s natural resourcefulness. I keep us ‘on track’ on an agreed goal but in reality, we go where you want to take the conversation – whatever is useful and helpful for you and your goals.

What my clients say

“As a coach, Richard creates a very relaxed, open and safe space to work in. He has a way of putting you at ease and that really helps and enables you to feel free to speak, share and explore whatever you have gone to work through. I found my sessions with him very insightful and left feeling ready to make some immediate changes"

HW - Executive Coaching Client

"It was a really insightful and confidence boosting, calming experience. The questions Richard asked really prompted me to take a step outside of my ‘box’ and consider things afresh. I felt that the mountain ahead of me was perhaps more of a manageable hill, after our conversation! So thankful."

FB - Female Entreprenuer

"I surprised myself that I was able to speak so honestly.
I left today’s session feeling very positive and in a good headspace. I like how Richard doesn’t rush me to talk about things and allows me to be as open or as closed as I want. I liked talking about my future career progression plans and the type of manager I would like to be."

RD - Career Coaching Client

Why work with me as your coach

I have always worked in competive sectors, where there is an abundance of choice for the consumer or client. Coaching is no different. There are many really good coaches out there who you can choose to work with. I've outlined three reasons why you might decide to have a conversation with me. But fundamentally, you should look for a coach who you have chemistry with, as in my experience the greater the trust, the more profound the results.



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mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.