Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Mojo Development helps people, teams and businesses grow in times of change

mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.

How Mojo Development can help you

Mojo Development is a coaching, training and consultancy business launched and designed to help you and your teams realise their full growth potential through increased confidence during times of change. Confidence in yourself, your teams and confidence in your product and proposition.


Coaching - My Mojo

Coaching allows time and space to do purposeful thinking, especially during change and transformation. This could be as varied as a vision for life or planning for a key meeting/presentation. Coaching  improves performance, helps build confidence, resolves conflict, brings about change and adapts our attitude to work and life.

Training - Mojo Rising

Help your teams realise their full growth potential via a series of training courses and workshops developed for future facing businesses. My hands-on approach and real-world training and facilitation techniques offer immediate impact on personal and business performance as confidence is built and greater influence is realised.

New Course Alert - Own The Zoom Room

Consultancy - Mojo Working

Given the fast pace of business today and the demands on finite resources, I also offer a consultancy service to help you during times of need and to land important projects. An extra pair of hands and a fresh set of eyes. This offer covers: new business strategy, pitch management and content marketing consultancy.

Richard is smart, passionate, and empathetic - he is brilliant at biz dev, in both marshalling the content and in coaching great performances from pitch teams. He has a very clear communication style and the ability to ask hard questions in a good way. He always made us better. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him

“As a coach, Richard creates a very relaxed, open and safe space to work in. He has a way of putting you at ease and that really helps and enables you to feel free to speak, share and explore whatever you have gone to work through. I found my sessions with him very insightful and left feeling ready to make some immediate changes"

Lindsay Pattison - WPP Chief Client Officer

HW - Executive coaching client

About me

Having spent the majority of my corporate career in the fast-paced world of advertising & media, I have come to learn a few things about transformation and how to thrive in times of change.

I've worked for several global brands and organisations, each with their own cultures and approaches. I've also worked in domestic (UK), regional and global roles, which has given me great perspective on how different nationalities like to work. Added to this I've worked through and helped manage high profile mergers. So taking an abundant view on change is second-nature for me.

The common factor in whatever role I've had the fortune to have - client management, strategy, business development, content marketing - has been helping to develop and grow high potential people and teams through mentoring, training and coaching.

I don't just simply talk the talk of change, but I've made huge life changes myself. Moving countries, setting up my own business and creating a successful podcast brand - The Mojo Podcast.

I live in Ibiza with my wife, our baby boy and our dog. We love living closer to nature and catching the spectacular Es Vedra sunset. I go wherever the work takes me, luckily travel is a passion. I also coach and train remotely and effectively using video.

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