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Leadership is a state of mind, not a job title

Mojo Development helps people find the mojo to lead:

themselves, their teams and their businesses

mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.

How Mojo Development can help you

Mojo Development is a Leadership Consultancy that believes having the mojo to lead comes from three areas: developing greater PRESENCE, understanding your deeper PURPOSE and then truly unleashing your PASSION.

When we discover/rediscover our mojo we find flow versus resistance, the confidence to be bold and have impact, more ease around making big decisions and the ability to create your chosen reality.


We work with business owners and business leaders via 121 Coaching

We support teams via Team Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

We design & deliver integrated Training Programmes for organisations


121 Coaching

As a qualified executive coach, I help my clients to rediscover their mojo. My philosophy is to ensure we are tapping into our own natural self-resourcefulness, as decisions we take for ourselves are far more likely to see action. I specialise in confidence building using positive psychology techniques to help overcome limiting beliefs and blockages in order to boost performance.

I have a bias towards the positive.

I'm a strengths-finder.

Workshop Facilitation & Training Programmes

Help your teams realise their full growth potential via a series of training courses and workshops developed for future facing businesses. My hands-on approach and real-world training and facilitation techniques offer immediate impact on personal and business performance as confidence is built and greater influence is realised.


"We worked with Mojo to develop an in-depth client leadership programme for our high potential talent. We were delighted with the thorough and contemporary design of the modules and the engaging & empathetic delivery of the course.

As a result we've seen our people develop greater presence, resilience and curiosity with clients and the feedback from participants has been fantastic."

"My Mojo coaching programme gave me a better understanding of strengths and things in my role which give me energy. It provided practical tips which helped me improve my own approach to leadership and management. It supported me with practical steps for creating better work life balance.

Richard also helped me to understand how to better prepare for interviews - and I got the job!"

Rob Gold - CEO, MerkleB2B (Dentsu)

NB - Executive coaching client

About me

Having spent the majority of my corporate career in the fast-paced world of advertising & media, I have come to learn a few things about transformation and how to thrive in times of change.

I've worked for several global brands and organisations, each with their own cultures and approaches. I've also worked in domestic (UK), regional and global roles, which has given me great perspective on how different nationalities like to work. Added to this I've worked through and helped manage high profile mergers. So taking an abundant view on change is second-nature for me.

The common factor in whatever role I've had the fortune to have - client management, strategy, business development, content marketing - has been helping to develop and grow high potential people and teams through mentoring, training and coaching.

I don't just simply talk the talk of change, but I've made huge life changes myself. Moving countries, setting up my own business and creating a successful podcast brand - The Mojo Podcast.

I live in Ibiza with my wife, our young son and our dog. We love living closer to nature and catching the spectacular Es Vedra sunset. I go wherever the work takes me, luckily travel is a passion. I also coach and train remotely and effectively using video.

Who I've worked with



APAC & South Africa

Snap Inc.


JC Decaux

Business In The Community

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